Worlds most luxurious homes

Worlds most luxurious homes

When it comes to luxury, it seems as if the rich people sometimes enjoy it a little too much. Some of them buy or make for themselves homes that are so luxurious, that ordinary people just look at them with a feeling of disbelief or they just start asking themselves the question

“Why does he need a home that big?”

Well, we all knew that rich people want to enjoy themselves and live in huge mansions, but you’ve probably never even thought that it would go this far. We will now give you the most luxurious homes in the world, and you just sit back and read.

most-expensive-houseUpdown-Court-Windlesham-SurreyThe most luxurious home in the world is located in Antilla, Mumbai, and it is the first home that is worth one billion US Dollars! It is owned by the richest man in the world, Makesh Ambani. It all started when his wife was amazed with Mandarin Oriental in New York, and wanted something similar for herself. And that is how this house came to be. It has 27 stories, and is built of numerous various materials. It was designed by Hirsh Bedner Associates.

T he second most luxurious house is located in Uptown Court, England. It is worth more than 150 million US Dollars, and is located about 40 km from London. This residence has 103 rooms, music room with gold leafing, five swimming pools, its own cinema, helipad and a marble driveway. Their neighbors are the Queen of the UK and Elton John.

T he third most luxurious home in the world is located in Versailles, Florida, and is the largest family house ever built in the United States. It has 30 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, a bowling alley, a skate park, Olympic pool, and many more luxurious things. This house is owned by David Siegel. However, the house is not completed yet, and it is estimated that the completion of the home would require additional 25 million US Dollars. The current price of it stands at 75 million. It is called Versailles due to the fact that the model for it was the Versailles castle in France.

6a00d8341c094053ef0120a8fae737970bThe fourth most luxurious house is located in Fleur De Lys, Beverly Hills, and is owned by famous singer Mariah Carrey. This house is worth around 125 million US Dollars, but it was not built for this singer, but for a Texan oilman, who later sold it to Mariah. It is built of 5 acres of land, and it was modeled after the home of the famous queen Marie Antoinette. This home also has a separate managers’ house, staff quarters, pools, spas, tennis courts, gardens, etc.

And the fifth most luxurious home is the Hearst Mansion in Beverly Hills, which is also called the Godfather Mansion. It is estimated that this house costs around 165 million UD Dollars, and it was a home to a famous American media tycoon William Randolph Hearst. It has 29 bedrooms, tennis courts, swimming pools, its own night club and a cinema!

As an extra tip, some of the most expensive houses in Europe are in London, Mayfair. A Chinese woman paid 4m in advance for London rental in this luxurious neighbourhood that has been known for constantly changing its face.

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5 Essential Tips For Budding Realtors

When most people hear the term real estate, they start thinking in the line of basically buying and selling houses. However, real estate is not just that rudimentary thought but an influential business that requires the realtor’s prowess in the field to effectively improve the business.


You find that when most people venture into real estate, they think that it is a self-growing business that will still earn profits notwithstanding the amount of effort put into it. This is very wrong. There are many different strategies realtors today ignore that lead to their downfall or better yet (but still poor) stagnant business progress. Listed below are some major tips suggested by Akbar Zareh, a successful Real Estate Agent in Mississauga. He breaks down a few tips that can help you improve your real estate business and has help him stand out among others.

Small details count

However much in a hurry to buy a house clients can be, the sight of a poorly maintained house may put them off. Clean that pathway, fix the plumbing, ensure that the wiring is okay and you’ll stand a better chance of scoring buyers.  Let the buyer see the detail of the house without all that junk. If it proves hard to rid of all the junk, ensure that you hide it away from the buyer’s view to give him/her that superb image of the property.

Plan ahead

Houses may be on high demand throughout the year; however, you may find that your property isn’t getting a buyer even at the best season. One major problem that realtors make is disregarding early advertisement. It is always sharp to advertise the property you are selling prior to a major buying time of the year and also in relation, the season. Take pictures on winter with your houses covered in snow to bring out the best theme from the given season.


Psychological pricing is a very ingenious strategy that up to today is still working wonders by convincing buyers that the product is cheaper by a mere $1 or sometimes a thousand. Sharp relatable figures only intimidate buyers giving them the notion that the product is more expensive than they think.

Sales and marketing

The tricky part in real estate is convincing a buyer to purchase the property amid the few setbacks he/she has encountered. At this point, it is advised that you fully bring out your embedded marketing skills for a straightforward purchase.

Choose your words carefully

In the present age, buyers and clients all over the world are now used to those common marketing phrases that, now, mean nothing to them. Spice up your advertisements with catchy phrases and guaranteeing terms that will be new to them. ‘Stupendous apartments for those that need them’ is one you can start with.

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From World War 2 base to a Growing Community of Miners And Strong Tourism Base In Western Australia

exmouth 2

The town of Exmouth was once a small base for the Pacific Allied Fleet during World War 2. Today, it is now a growing city, thanks to the rise of the mining industry. In fact, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has recorded that the workers in Exmouth have the highest average total income from regions that are not near Australia’s capital region. In 2010-2011, the town’s average total revenue was at $86, 828, which probably means that anyone working in Exmouth may be living comfortable compared to the rest of the workers throughout Australia.

Most of the citizens in Exmouth are working as either in the mining industry or have their own business to manage. In any case, with the town of Exmouth growing, the local government is now keen on monitoring the town’s tax returns. Most residents in Exmouth are more than happy to file their taxes, as well as their tax returns.

The only problem is that there are only a few people who have an idea how tax returns should be calculated correctly, as well as how to properly manage one’s money. If you are one of the many citizens in Exmouth who needs help in personal finance, then perhaps your only option is to get the services of a local company that offers the services of personal financial assistance.

Because of the rising trend of immigration in Exmouth, the number of firms that provide personal financial advice and mortgage brokers has also increased. Not surprising, since more population means more homes being built to accommodate the increasing number of population in the city.

What Makes a Good Personal Finance Company?

Interested in getting the services of good finance brokers in mandurah? Then you need to list the following qualities down and do a checklist when talking to a potential mediator.

  • Tax Return Preparation for individuals, including all types of multiple returns and issues. The company should undoubtedly not just serve individuals, but businesses as well.
  • Tax Return preparation, as well as mortgage and personal finance advice for investors, small business owners, corporations, primary producers and trust returns.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping services for all businesses, including all GST related activity.
  • Assistance in home loans, as well as serving as mortgage brokers should there be a need to be one.
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Reasons to Buy a Home in the Rural or Urban Area

It is always a battle when it comes to making a decision as to where to buy a home. Making a concrete decision between buying a home in the city or the rural area requires a lot of consideration. This becomes even more thought-provoking when you are two or more people who are going to live in this home. Some love living in the urban areas while others prefer suburban locations. Here are some reasons to help you choose between the two sites when buying a home.


This is a guest post written by Peter Wetherell, the Mayfair guru.

Reasons for Going Urban

Purchasing a home in urban localities comes with many advantages. Some of the benefits you will be able to enjoy after buying a home in the city include:

Accessibility: When your home is located in the city, you can get access to each possible amenity existing. The good thing about living in the urban centers is that almost all the facilities are available at your doorstep.

Established Neighbors and Facilities: Here every facility and neighborhood is fully established. You will find attractive and well-planned streets, heritage office blocks, structural design, exclusive stores, huge and attractive shopping centers fully equipped and suitable services that are readily available for your needs.

Transport: All means of transportation are available in urban areas. These includes rail, road, air travel and any other means of transportation you may think of.

Essential Social Services, Hospital, School and Others: You are not limited to getting services from one place. Since there are a lot of options to choose from, you can go and get better service from elsewhere. Those who live in the municipality have experienced what is being discussed and are in a better position to share with you why they enjoy a variety of services in the urban areas.


Reasons for Going Rural

If you have been living in the city ever since you were born, it can take some time for you to change your mind and buy a home in rural areas. In fact, this is one of the best places to enjoy spending your life. Even though there are some negative aspects associated with living in the rural areas, there are more advantages that can make you overlook the disadvantages.

Cheaper Land: The price of land in the urban centers is higher than it is in rural places. This is a factor most of those buying homes consider, especially if they have a limited budget. Buying a home in suburban areas guarantees you more space than you may think of.

Less Criminal Activities Involved: Research shows that rural localities are safer than urban areas. Security from all types of crime is a key factor to consider when purchasing a home since no one wishes to lose what is hard earned. People living here are sociable, and you can leave your children and pets with your neighbor when going for a short trip.

Good Learning Institutions and Environment: This is all parents would wish for their children to have. The number of pupils in school is less than in urban areas, meaning that every pupil will get attention as required. The fields in the schools are large enough to accommodate the needs of children and the staff found here.

These and many other reasons such as access to more open-air activities are reasons to make you buy that house you are planning for in the suburban area. However, it is your choice to purchase a home where you believe you will be comfortable all the time.

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